Friends Earn More with the STEX Rewards Program

Good friends like to share, don’t they? Favorite restaurants, shows to stream, best vacation spots. Now you can give them something they’ll truly value — a new way for you and your friends to make extra money easily and automatically. Without ever having to lift a finger.

How? It’s called the STEX Referral Program and it’s as simple as this: refer a friend to STEX and 25% of your friend’s trading fee is yours. Forever.

Imagine, you’ll benefit from every trade your friend makes, automatically. And when they refer a friend, they’ll get the same benefit — 25% of their friend’s trading fee. Forever.

It’s easy to start reaping the rewards of the STEX Referral Program. You’ll automatically get your referral link the minute you sign up with STEX. Just visit your STEX account and click on the Referral Program tab. Copy the referral link. And send it to your friend. That’s it.

Did a friend invite you and you missed the link? No problem, just add their referral code to the same page. Done.

The best part is, your referral bonus is credited to your account once a day in the same currency where the trading fee was generated.

We don’t like to brag, but take a look around and you’ll see the STEX Referral Program offers some of the best benefits around. Why wait for a month to receive your 25% bonus from other sites when you can get credited every day with STEX.

And don’t be fooled by others who offer a bonus, but only for first few months from when you sign up. When we say forever, we mean it.

Now back to friends. You probably have many so invite them all to STEX! The number of referrals you can bring through our program is unlimited and you’ll receive 25% of each friend’s trading fee.

So be a good friend. Let yours know about STEX and its powerful crypto trading platform and mobile app that makes it easy to trade anytime from anywhere. With more than 400+ coins/tokens listed on STEX and 400+ trading pairs and low trade fees, they’ll be trading in no time. You’ll reap the rewards of 25% of their trading fee on every trade they make when you sign them up through the STEX Referral Program. And they can do the same by inviting a friend as well. Let them know today and get started earning more with STEX.



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