How to Time Your Trades for the Best Success

Everyone likes a good deal, don’t they? And crypto traders are no exception. Talk to any avid coin holder and they’ll tell you they like to fatten their wallet through the time-tested trading process called arbitrage.

Just like stock market traders, coin traders are always working to time their orders so they can buy digital currencies at the lowest price per coin and sell when the coin value is higher than what they paid for it. That’s arbitrage.

But how do you know when’s the best time to buy or sell? You could sit all day in front of a screen, flip from coin site to coin site, and watch prices change. But that’s time consuming and tiresome. Instead, try Zelcore and Arbing Tool, two powerful STEX Smart Services that make timing your trades for maximum value simple and easy.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re got trading experience, check out Zelcore. It’s a free, multi-asset platform and wallet that provides a variety of trading tools to help you capitalize on crypto market fluctuations. You can use its built-in quick swap exchanges right from your mobile device to buy-low sell-high wherever you go.

For more active and advanced traders, there’s ZelCore+, which features full API integration with some of the top exchanges, plus real-time market information from Trading View. Check coin prices on Trading View and when the time is right, quickly make your move and buy-sell on the quick swap exchanges. How’s that for conveniently timing the market?

Whichever level you choose, you’ll find the combination of STEX and Zelcore can help you make the smart trading decisions that build assets.

For up-to-the-minute arbitrage information, look to Arbing Tool. It monitors exchanges to provide real time bid prices and asking prices for coins and currencies. Simply check the STEX page on Arbing Tool and check the best buy-sell opportunities for coins and fiat currencies.

Arbing Tool offers a variety of membership plans based on your needs. If you’re a more advanced trader, you may want to choose a plan that provides expanded capacity and even more sophisticated trading configurations including Triangular Arbitrage.

Seasoned traders know that the secret to success begins with information and preparation. So take a few minutes now to get to know these helpful platforms offered through STEX. Then set some goals for your trading strategy, especially if you’re just starting out. You’ll find timing your trades can be easier and more profitable with the power of STEX and its partners by your side.



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