NFL Star Tom Brady and Supermodel Wife Gisele Bündchen’s Bring More Star Power to Crypto in new FTX.US Ad

Naysayers of crypto, be aware. The legions of believers are growing, despite the often “sky is falling” narrative about crypto.

The digital currency universe has already seen the power of celebrities like Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban, who have led the charge in mainstream adoption. Now, crypto exchange FTX.Us is notching it up by aggressively moving into the sports celebrity space, where multi-million-dollar sponsorships and endorsements can quickly catapult a brand to new heights.

That’s apparently what FTX.US is after in signing an advertising deal with NFL Superstar Tom Brady and his Supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen. The couple teamed up for an ad campaign featuring a celebrity-studded commercial called “You In?” that dropped this week. The ad, which can be viewed on social media sites including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Tik-Tok, has already racked up millions of views as fans eat up Brady calling friends and foes to spread the news about the exchange, which opened in 2019.

“The U.S. affiliate of international crypto derivatives exchange FTX plans to invest $20 million in the campaign, which begins Thursday during the National Football League season kickoff game between Tampa Bay and Dallas,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

“We know that we had to embark on some kind of mass branding, advertising, sponsorship type work in order to be able to do that,” FTX.US President Brett Harrison, told the Journal.

The mega move by FTX.US is just another in its aggressive marketing strategy, as its “mission is for FTX.US to grow the digital currency ecosystem, offer US traders a platform that inspires their loyalty, and become a market leading US cryptocurrency exchange over the next two years.”

The Brady/Bündchen campaign is the third in a series of aggressive moves this year by FTX.US to generate brand awareness. In June, it signed a $135 million deal for the naming rights on Miami Heat’s stadium, now called “FTX” arena.

“It is also set to become the official crypto exchange of the MLB, splashing its logo across official uniforms and broadcasts,” Business Insider reports. “And in August, FTX signed a seven-year deal with North America’s professional League of Legends circuit, which is in the top three most popular sports broadcasts for the key 18-to-34-year-old US demographic.”

And just two days before the “You In” sport was dropped, FTX announced NBA Star Stephen Curry as a FTX Global Ambassador and shareholder. Curry, who wrote, produced, and directed a video short for the announcement, tweeted “Just getting started in the crypto AND video editing game pumped to join the team.”

FTX is not the only player in the industry tapping into star power to promote their brands.

“Several other celebrities have recently appeared in cryptocurrency commercials,” reports. “In July, award-winning director Spike Lee directed a commercial for bitcoin ATM operator Coin Cloud. In June, actor and bitcoin investor Neil Patrick Harris appeared in a commercial for another crypto ATM operator Coinflip. In August, award-winning hip-hop artist Megan Thee Stallion published an educational video titled “Bitcoin for Hotties” in collaboration with Jack Dorsey’s Cash App.”

So, when the markets respond to the highs and lows of crypto on a daily or weekly basis, crypto enthusiasts, traders, celebrities, and crypto businesses see it another way.

“The rules of finance are being upended and FTX is leading the charge, which makes this an incredible space to play within,” Menno Kluin, chief creative officer of Dentsu creative in the US told media pub The Drum. “The fact that FTX is establishing partnerships with icons in all fields, particularly Tom and Gisele, indicates the impact and acceleration of crypto and signals that we’re entering an exciting new phase.”

Joyce Pavia Hanson Contributor

Originally published at on September 13, 2021. — crypto trading platform.