STEX goes the extra steps to keep your Crypto Secure

Hacks. Ransomware. Scams. Phishing. The thought of encountering a security-threatening situation looms in the back of the mind for even the most seasoned digital currency traders. There are no guarantees that any asset account — fiat or coin — is truly safe from the bad actors in the digital world. But you can count on the security features embedded in STEX to help keep your digital wallets safe and secure.

For starters, when you trade on STEX, you are working on a platform that meets the most strident regulations for digital currency trading, including the rules set by the European Union for crypto service providers. These rules are designed to protect digital coin holders by requiring compliant exchanges to report any suspicious activity to the EU Financial Intelligence Units.

STEX is also an MSB Registrant with FinCEN, a bureau of the U.S. Department of Treasury that works to safeguard the country’s financial system, including emerging financial innovations such as cryptocurrencies. By meeting the regulations of the 28-member EU and the U.S., STEX is helping to ensure a secure environment for your trading activities. That’s peace of mind you can count on, even before you place your first order on STEX.

Once you’ve created a STEX account, you’ll find even more security features are baked into the platform to help keep your information and your coins secure. STEX uses web authentication with a security key and other two-step verification processes to access your account and wallets. Email encryption with a PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) key provides cryptographic authentication and privacy for the secure movement of information to and from your STEX account.

If you’re looking for even more security and a faster way to log-in to your STEX account, check out Yubico, one of our Smart Services that’s designed to help prevent account takeovers. With a click of a link, you can order a YubiKey which is a physical key that provide instant access to your STEX account from your computer or mobile device. YubiKey protects against phishing and also gives you two-factor and passwordless authentication. Check out YubiKey and see how easy it is to add this extra layer of protection and convenience to your crypto trading activities.

It’s a given that hackers and phishers will keep on trying to find new ways to access digital accounts. Keeping your eyes and ears open for something that doesn’t look quite right or sounds too good to be true is your first line of defense against attacks. But you don’t go it alone. We’re working to keep our environment as safe and secure as possible and we’ll keep on working on your behalf, because that’s our mission at STEX.



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