STEX Integrated with Zelcore Wallet

As you all know, STEX has been successfully integrated with the Zelcore wallet. The integration allows Zelcore users to exchange digital assets within the wallet through STEX API without having to transfer their funds to an exchange.

Zelcore is a multi-asset platform and wallet, available to all crypto users, with top quick-swap exchanges. Zelcore+ unlocks advanced trading functionality with API integrations to the top exchanges and a trading view.

Why Zelcore?

Support for multiple accounts. The Zelcore log-in system allows crypto traders to have various encrypted wallets and accounts on one device. Besides, users can access the same account on several devices while maintaining complete privacy, since Zelcore does not hold or transmit any user data remotely.

Multi-asset encrypted wallet. Zelcore supports over 100+ coins including $ZEL, $BTC, $LTC, $ETH, $XMR, $ZEC, $USDT, and others. Users are in control of their private keys, and therefore their coins are always safe.

Built-in exchanges. Zelcore integrates built-in quick swap crypto exchanges directly in Zelcore Desktop and Mobile. For more advanced traders, checkout Zelcore+, which provides full integration of some of the top exchanges, like STEX, Binance, Bittrex, and Kraken.

However, Zelcore users do not have to buy Zelcore+ to access STEX! We are available even in the free version of their software.

How to use Zelcore

In this guide, we are going to illustrate how to use Zelcore using a mobile app.

You can find Zelcore in the Smart Services section of the STEX website.

To start using STEX in the Zelcore wallet, click on the switch icon on the wallet and choose STEX.

After choosing STEX, you will be directed to the exchange page wherein you can select the cryptocurrency you want to sell and the one you want to buy along with the exchange rate. Your transaction will be processed once you click on the “Exchange” button as shown below.

When API Token is asked just go to STEX Account settings pick Server To Server integration, choose Profile and Trade scopes and click “save”. Now you can copy token and fill in the API field in ZelCore app. Click Connect STEX API and… DONE! That’s it!

In conclusion, with STEX’s addition to the Zelcore wallet, users can now exchange over 100 coins, directly at market price, without registration or verification, in less than 30 minutes. The whole process takes place within the wallet, offering a native and smooth user experience. From STEX, we wish you a happy coin swapping! — crypto trading platform.