STEX partners with BANXA to make fiat-to-crypto buys fast and easy

Ready to buy more crypto and want to do it in a flash? Look no further than STEX! We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with the most popular and secure fiat on-and-off ramp in the digital coin universe — BANXA.

With BANXA, you can quickly and conveniently buy cryptocurrency with your bank card or other local payment methods. Think of BANXA as the checkout line at your supermarket. You choose the fiat currency you wish to use to buy crypto. Then choose the crypto you want to buy. Pick your payment method, and that’s it. Your transaction will be processed quickly and securely through the integration of BANXA on the STEX platform. It’s that easy.

You’ll find BANXA offers the flexibility you want and need in executing your orders. Just choose from 14 fiat currencies you’ll use to make your buy, including the Australian Dollar (AUD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), US Dollars (USD), Turkish Lira (TRY) and many more. And select the payment method that works for you, including Visa, Mastercard, flexepin and blueshift. Once you create your order, it’s processed in minutes through the BANXA system. In fact, you’ll usually get your coins in a short five minutes and never have to leave the STEX platform to check on your buy.

Security is key in the fiat-to-crypto world. You’ll want to be sure your funds are protected as your order is executed. Not to worry when you use BANXA. Founded in Australia more than six years ago, BANXA is internationally compliant and uses industry-leading processes and procedures to create the secure transaction environment you’re looking for.

No matter how often you trade fiat for crypto, the combination of STEX and BANXA gives you the power and flexibility to create orders on the fly, when you need them. If you’re trading to win, BANXA makes it easy for you to jump into the crypto market and capitalize on crypto price changes quickly. Or maybe you just want to take advantage of the security and convenience of paying for goods or services with crypto. For whatever reason you choose to buy crypto with fiat, look to our newest Smart Services partner BANXA to make it happen.

While the world still runs on fiat, the crypto world continues to grow by leaps and bounds. But they don’t need to exist independently. Make your fiat currency work for you in ways it never has before. And do it easily and securely all on one powerful platform with STEX.



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