STEX supports SOLO Airdrop program for XRP holders

No actions are required by XRP Holders to claim coins of the SOLO.

December 22, 2021 — The global cryptocurrency exchange STEX announced — today it will support the SOLO coins (Sologenic) airdrop program for Ripple (XRP) coin holders. The airdrop program will automatically deliver SOLO coins to all STEX Ripple (XRP) holders; no additional steps are required to claim the tokens at the SOLO Network.

SOLO Team announced — a balance snapshot will be taken of all Ripple (XRP) holders on December 24, 2021. Then SOLO coins will be apportioned to each remaining address according to the calculation based on the SOLO Team (see link below).

The planned official date of the airdrop is January 20, 2022.

STEX will subject the SOLO coins (Sologenic) to its listing process, and determine at the future date if the token will be listed on its exchange.

About STEX

STEX is a powerful cryptocurrency exchange, with more than 300,000 users worldwide, that makes it easy to buy, sell and invest digital currencies from one fast, and convenient platform at low competitive rates. Users can choose from more than 400+ trading pairs, purchase crypto with credit or bank cards, and exchange fiat to crypto or crypto to fiat with a few swipes on their mobile device. For more information about STEX and its partners, visit:





About SOLO coins (Sologenic)

Sologenic deploys SOLO coins for market-making and liquidity providing. SOLO coins are issued on the XRP Ledger allowing liquidity to be moved almost instantly. The ecosystem aims to eliminate entry barriers for individual and institutional crypto investors, allowing them to trade non-blockchain asset classes, such as stock, ETFs, and commodities, with one single cryptocurrency — SOLO. To put it simply, the coins will enable people all around the world to buy and sell stock in their favourite companies with SOLO, without the need for traditional brokerages.

There is a total supply of 400,000,000 SOLO available.






-- — crypto trading platform.

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