VoltPotCoin (VPC) Trading Competition

Competition Time: 09:00 01 Dec, 2021–00:00 27 Dec, 2021 (GMT)

Rules: The top 20 participants with a net-buy volume (Buys minus Sells) will be eligible to receive prizes in relation to their ranking with the exceeding amount of 1000 VPC. Participants will be ranked in descending order of total trading volume on VPC/USDT and VPC/ETH trading pairs.

STEX will credit rewards directly to winners’ VPC wallets on STEX.com accounts. Prizes will be distributed within 7 business days after the end of the competition.

Ranking Prizes to the final net-buy volume:

1: 15 000 VPC

2: 10 000 VPC

3: 8 000 VPC

4–10: 5 000 VPC

11–20: 2 000 VPC

Total: 88 000 VPC (5000$)

Project introduction: VoltPotCoin (VPC) represents the “First Virtual Battery” on Earth.

It’s been initially designed as a main component of the VOLTPOT® platform in order to facilitate the domestic renewable energy excess transfer towards electric car owners.

Since then, VoltPotCoin became able not only to help with energy transfers, but also started to be accepted by traders for products and services either via their own websites or via the integrated marketplace available on voltpot.com.

VoltPotCoin is a green (PoS) project aimed at sharing, storing, and converting renewable energy on a global scale.

Website: https://voltpot.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoltPot

Telegram: https://t.me/voltpot

Risk Disclosure: Trading digital assets and tokens is a risky endeavor. Please evaluate fully before committing to any trading decisions.




STEX.com — crypto trading platform.

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STEX.com — crypto trading platform.

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